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Choose a compliance model that isn’t reliant on human performance – MyCompliance.me automates the process from beginning to end.

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Compliance manager schedules compliance tasks.



Compliance manager notifies supplier to complete compliance tasks.



Compliance manager compiles and submits reports.



Compliance manager is required to correctly label, file and archive information.

Regulatory monitoring software that automates the compliance process

  • MyCompliance.me automatically schedules tasks and notifies both compliance managers and suppliers when something is due
  • If follows up when something is approaching due, and increases notifications on past due.
  • It automatically sends alerts when supplier compliance documentation is uploaded and waits for the compliance managers simple ‘click’ of approval to complete the task.
  • It automatically generates reports and submits reports to nominated parties
  • MyCompliance.me then files and archives information for easy retrieval
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How long does each Compliance task take to complete?
Time taken per task = 2hours
  • Organisation round25%
    30min Organisation
  • Notification round12.5%
    15min Notification
  • Reporting round50%
    60min Reporting
  • Archiving round12.5%
    15min Archiving

How much time & money could the right compliance monitoring tools save you?

  • Typically there are at least 40+ compliance items per industry
  • In most industries compliance tasks will need to be completed at least twice yearly
  • In high risk industries compliance tasks can be a monthly or even weekly requirement
  • Tasks will generally require a manager, administrator and supplier to complete
  • Non-completion or late completion of tasks can result in heavy fines and penalties
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What is Compliance costing you?

Your business could save tens of thousands of dollars by automating your compliance process with MyCompliance.me. Our compliance tracking software suite can help you save money on the compliance process while achieving better alignment with relevant regulations. Find out how much money you could recover to help grow your business. Enter your organisations figures to calculate your savings
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    Compliance tasks per site or department
  • Cost icon2
    How many times per year compliance is required
  • Cost icon3
    Time in hours required per task
  • Cost icon4
    Compliance manager rate per hour
  • Cost icon5
    Number of departments or sites
  • =
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    Your Saving with

Compliance tracking software delivering significant indirect cost savings

  • Managers can monitor and manage increased number of sites or departments without the need for additional staff
  • Staff and supplier performance can be easily monitored by supervisors
  • Structure and time savings provide increased staff performance and job satisfaction
  • Immediate and direct access to compliance information reduces reliance on Third Party compliance vendors
  • Indirect efficiency and performance savings easily exceed direct cost savings in large portfolios
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