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Property Compliance Services & Software

MYCOMPLIANCE.ME is the simplest and most powerful compliance tool available in Australia.

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Designed to be ultra user friendly, compliance has never been easier



Produce visually stunning, comprehensive reports in seconds



The intuitive interface is super easy to use and mastered in moments



Automatically organises, notifies, follows up and reports on compliance tasks - the cutting-edge of property compliance

  • is the most sophisticated management compliance software suite on the Australian market
  • It allows you to view, track and report on compliance information in seconds
  • It lets you monitor 100’s, 1000’s or 100,000’s of sites from anywhere
  • It comprehensively automates compliance administration
  • eliminates compliance double handling
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Compliance Software Made Outrageously Simple

  • The platform provides simple click and tick reporting, auditing and compliance submission
  • It uses an intuitive traffic light interface
  • It provides automatic notifications, scheduling and archiving of all compliance information
  • It manages remote and multisite portfolios with ease
  • is equally simple for seasoned professionals as it is for tech savvy juniors
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Immediate Savings
  • provides immediate management savings
  • Immediate IT savings
  • Immediate administration savings
  • Immediate visibility of all assets compliance status in real time
  • Immediate and long term efficiency savings
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Mobile monitor
Tremendously Powerful
  • allows you to audit 1000's of sites in seconds.
  • An advanced property compliance tool, it allows you to generate comprehensive, professional & engaging reports in a few clicks.
  • It is equally powerful in the office or in the field.
  • It provides automated compliance reports directly to your inbox.
  • Its simple powerful filters allow you to see only what you need to see.
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A property compliance tool you will love to use

  • is mastered in moments
  • Click and tick your way through compliance & reporting
  • It is colourful and engaging
  • It generates reports in seconds
  • Submit annual compliance reports & supporting documents in less than 30seconds.
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Incredible Live Reports
  • generates Live PDFs and Excels with clickable links to all site records
  • Relay information effortlessly and instantly to clients
  • Designed by graphic professionals and organisational psychologists to be simple, engaging and intuitive
  • Schedule live reports to your inbox, client or colleague
  • Simple, brilliantly organised layout relays only the information you need
Your Personal Assistant
  • Notifies you and your supplier when a task is due
  • It reminds you and your supplier as the due date approaches and increases reminders on past due
  • It manages supplier delivery via an intuitive supplier portal
  • It structures the delivery of supplier information by accurately labelling, recording, filing and archiving information according to the site and task
  • It delivers professional detailed reports directly to your inbox
Personal assist
Complaince umbrella
Minimizes Risk
  • eliminates information overload
  • Definitively eliminate double handling and unstructured information being communicated in emails
  • Eliminate the burden of information being tied to staff who are unwell, unorganised or who have moved on
  • Dramatically minimize risk of non-compliance and penalties
  • Accurately predict resource requirements
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Manages Staff and Suppliers
  • provides automatic notifications for managers and suppliers
  • Repeat notifications encourage on time completion of compliance requirements
  • Full document control timestamps, labels, organises and password protects incoming and outgoing information
  • Staff and contractor performance is monitored
  • Simple click to approve received information
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Never be Overwhelmed again
  • provides instant structure and clarity
  • Eliminates dependence on calendars, spreadsheets and emails
  • Automatically categorises and sorts information into logical parts
  • Dramatically reduces employee frustration and turnover
  • Significantly improves supplier and employee performance
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Exceedingly Customizable
  • Easily customize ANY or ALL parameters
  • Create custom templates for your organisation
  • Setup automated reports directly to your inbox
  • Invite suppliers to upload documents in seconds
  • Turnkey setup service
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