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Build the capabilities you need to stay on top of your compliance requirements. is an intelligent online property management software suite that streamlines the process of identifying, managing, meeting and reporting on your compliance requirements.
Designed to simplify the process of staying in full compliance with relevant industry regulations, is the perfect partner for compliance managers, facilities managers, property and strata managers and more. Intelligent, intuitive and easy to implement, it helps managers at organisations of every size save hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in labour a year. Discover how much simpler adhering to your compliance requirements could be and consider how the property management compliance software system could assist you.
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PROVIDING YOU WITH THE COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT TOOLS YOU NEED TO SUCCEED supports the operation of your business in a number of ways. Our commercial property management app was built to minimise the time-consuming nature of the compliance process. It streamlines the completion of routine compliance tasks including organisation, notification and archiving, generating rich and accessible live PDF and Excel reports in seconds.
Built around an easy-to-understand traffic light interface, delivers the information you need at a glance. Simple to learn and master, it allows you to more rapidly share information between yourself, clients and colleagues. No more getting lost in expansive spreadsheets and poorly formatted documents – is the best property management software on the market because it was designed by people who understand what’s important to your role. A fully automated compliance software suite, it presents you with only the information you need to rapidly make informed, intelligent decisions for your portfolio, helping you make your business more agile.


Gain unparalleled visibility over your compliance requirements while comprehensively minimising risk with help from With a number of highly scalable pricing options available, it’s easier than ever to find a solution that suits where your business is and where it’s going.
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